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Something Steer Total Training System Sled (Something_Sled)



Something Sled for Something Steer is the ultimate sled - dummy combination with features that no other sleds have, including:

      t Quick Latch secure load & lock dummy strap 
t Crossover Hocks for the most realistic dally
           and bump training 
t Corner Shottm rotating hips to practice short
           round shots and rodeo runs
t Dragger Mode high low leg adjuster 
t Bad Handle Bungeetm for realistic slow-and-
           go corner shots and pull back action 
t Head Trick left and right head ducker mode
        t   Lifetime Legs from compression molded polymers 

      Plus, the Something Sled with Something Steer is the only product that allows a header and heeler to realistically practice a run…TOGETHER.



t 100 lbs (135 lbs with Something Dummy)     
     Compare to 300 lbs for Heel-O-Matic, Time Machine
     & Hot Heels, & 175 lbs for the Smarty, which means:
           v Less wear and tear on your 4-wheeler or UTV
           v No heavy tow bar or spring required         
           v Easier to load in your truck or trailer 
           v Securely rotate horns to different positions
t Swap out horns for long or short horn practice
Properly positioned head for realistic angle of attack 
t   Extra wide wheel for sharp realistic corners

     Assembled length:  48 in.
     Width of Skids:      48 in.
     Width of roping legs at toes: 24 in. 
     Total Height at hips: 36 in.
     Total height at shoulders of Something Dummy: 42 in.



Something Steer Total Training System Sled

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