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Roping Chute Remote Control (Chute Remote)


Our exclusive remote works with any remote control roping chute on the market. Whether your chute came with a single, double, or four button remote, we guarantee it. We back that guarantee with a full two year replacement warranty. If your particular remote is not listed, please give us a call and we will get one that works for your chute.


(Remotes shown below are examples of original Priefert factory remotes.  Our remote is pictured above)

Roping Chute Remote Control

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   Priefert - New Model (Curved Remote)
   Priefert - Old Model (Rectangular Remote)
   Priefert - One Button (Curved Remote)
   Quicksilver (single button)
   Red River
   Tarter ($100.00)
   Other (call for availability)


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