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NevaWrap - Patented (NevaWrap)

The NevaWrap synthetic traction device slides effortlessly over the Dally Post. Cap snaps back into place...saving you time to focus.

Smooth contours and hourglass shape provide greater surface area for more rope contact, better traction, less slide, and more bite, especially on today's smaller and smoother ropes...saving you time on the clock and saving your ropes.

Thick symmetrical design easily outlasts 50 strips of rubber tube. Lift off, rotate or invert to distribute wear and increase longevity...saving you money.

Safe concave design for tight fit to eliminate rope snags at the swell. Flared top reduces rope pop offs...helping save your fingers.

Did you know:

  • You lose about a 10th of a second for every foot of rope that you slide?
  • NevaWrap provides over 50% more surface traction than rubber strips?
  • An avid roper can spend over three days of his/her life buying, searching, begging, finding, peeling off, and wrapping strips of tube around a conventional saddle horn?
  • You only use about 10% of a rubber strip before it breaks?
  • You will use over 60% of a Nevawrap before it has to be replaced? 


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NevaWrap - Patented

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