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Dally Post - by 7K Roping (Dally Post)

Did you know:

  • You lose about a 10th of a second for every foot of rope that you slide?
  • The NevaWrap provides over 50% more surface traction than rubber strips?
  • An avid roper can spend over three days of his/her life buying, searching, begging, finding, peeling off, and wrapping strips of tube around a conventional saddle horn?
  • You only use about 10% of a rubber strip before it breaks?



The Dally Post replaces conventional saddle horns,  and the Nevawrap dally device means you will never have to wrap again. A push button conveniently located on top of the cap releases the bearings in the locking pin, which allows the cap to be removed. The NevaWrap slides effortlessly over the Dally Post and the cap snaps back into place.

The push button is recessed to avoid hand injury or accidental activation. An over-sized safety hole insures the cap won't accidentally come off. One-way interlocking elements prevdent the cap from rotating or being installed incorrectly.   Save time, money, ropes, and fingers with the Dally Post and NevaWrap.  Order one for your next new saddle, or get your local saddle maker to swap out your old horn. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page for links to a video series with more information about The Dally Post. 

For retro-fit instructions, click here.


Roping chute remote option now available, in stock and ready to ship.  Call for chute types supported. 

Custom caps available with:

Hand Engraving for Trophy Horns with Producer Logos, Brands, Intials:

Machine swirl:

Custom Copper Coloring

Used Nevawrap:  18 months, over 500 runs.

Click to view the Dally Post Brochure.


Dally Post - by 7K Roping

Miscellaneous :
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Our Price: $150.00

Surface Finish (*) :
   Brushed Aluminum (standard)
   Black Anodized ($25.00)
   Machine Swirl ($15.00)

NevaWrap Colors (*) :

Chute Remote Upgrade :
   Priefert ($100.00)
   Red River ($100.00)
   Quicksilver ($100.00)
   Other Chute (call for availability) ($100.00)
   Tarter ($100.00)

Engraving options :
   Custom Engraving (call for pricing)


(*) Mandatory Option

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