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WMD [Weapon of Mass Destruction] (3-strand HD/HL) (WMD)

The WMD has more body and tip than any other rope. The mass of the polyester fibers combined with the crimson Tip Xcelerator provides the most rotational force, which translates to better control, more action, and the absolute most distance. The blended composition makes it consistent and durable under the harshest conditions.  Packaged with reusable Revolution Tab Bands. Body by Fast Back.

Place mouse over the Loop Sizing Bar to view the Loop Size Selection Chart:

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WMD [Weapon of Mass Destruction] (3-strand HD/HL)

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Our Price: $44.95

Lay / Length (*) :
   XX-Soft - 31'
   X-Soft - 31'
   Soft - 31'
   Med-Soft - 35' ($1.50)
   Medium - 35' ($1.50)
   Hard-Med - 35' ($1.50)

Rev Loop Sizetm
See Bar Left (*) :

   3 (Small HD Loop XXS,XS)
   4 (Med Head Loop; XXS-S)
   5 (Lg Head Loop; XXS-MS)
   6 (X-Lg HD, Sm HL; XS-HM)
   7 (Med HL Loop; MS-HM)
   8 (Large Heel Loop; MS-HM)


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