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BLACKJACK (4-strand Head/Heel) (BKJK)

Skinny black body with a bright white Tip Xcelerator, the 4-strand BlackJack is small, fast, and packed with action.

Our Price: $48.45
<b>BLACKJACK (4-strand Head/Heel)

AMBUSH (4-strand Head-Heel) (AMBUSH)

Slim, fast, and invisible Tip Xcelerator. They'll never know what got into you or your rope.

Our Price: $48.45
<b>AMBUSH (4-strand Head-Heel)</b>

DARKSIDE (4-Strand Head/Heel) (DKSD)

The medium diameter of this all nylon rope gives it outstanding body to keep your loop open without being too springy. The black Tip Xcelerator helps create action and follow through.

Our Price: $47.95
DARKSIDE (4-Strand Head/Heel)

NUCLEAR-4 (4-strand Head/Heel) (Nuc4)

The small diameter and poly blended fibers give the Nuclear-4 a smooth, tight feel for better control. The yellow Tip Xcelerator gives more consistent action, and better visual contrast.

Our Price: $47.95
NUCLEAR-4 (4-strand Head/Heel)

WMD [Weapon of Mass Destruction] (3-strand HD/HL) (WMD)

The WMD has more body and tip than any other rope, which means better control, more action and the absolute most distance. 

Our Price: $44.95
WMD [Weapon of Mass Destruction] (3-strand HD/HL)

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