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1.  What makes Revolution Ropes different than other ropes? 
Our patent pending Tip Xcelerator
technology that comes with every rope allows for maximum control of your swing and delivery  and optimum action, which will increase your catch percentage.

2.  Are there any rules against having a weighted tip? 
Revolution Ropes have been used to win 3 go-rounds at the National Finals Rodeo, as well as National Shoot-Out Championships in the USTRC.  Neither the PRCA nor the USTRC have rules prohibiting ropes with increased weight or body via a fourth strand, central core, or Tip Xcelerator.  Nor are there any rules prohibiting covering the rope with a material that increases performance and longevity -  such as wax, rawhide or plastic burners, or a Tip Xcelerator.

3.  How will a weighted tip help my roping?

  • Better control of your swing
  • Increased tip follow through     
  • Fewer wave-offs
  • More clean (2 feet) catches
  • More accurate delivery
  • Fewer slipped legs
  • Faster loop feed
  • More distance
  • More curl
  • Less bounce
  • Longer lasting rope                       
  • Better tip visibility
  • 4.  How much weight does the Tip Xcelerator add?
    Actually, the Tip Xcelerator weighs less than an ounce. And the total loop weight of a 3-strand Revolution Rope weighs less than a 4-strand loop. The reason a Revolution Rope will outperform any conventional rope is because the Tip Xcelerator is positioned at the tip and leading edge of the loop, where the force of the added weight is multiplied.

    5.  Will a Revolution Rope outlast conventional ropes?
    Yes. A rope starts to feel dead  when it starts to breakdown and fray.    The Tip Xcelerator will extend the useful life of the rope by 20% or longer  because the  the weight of the Tip Xcelerator  gives the rope life and keeps it  from feeling dead.  The Tip Xcelerator also protects the tip and prevents it from fraying.  And the Tip Xclerator will generally outlast the rope body.

    6.  Do I have to change the way I throw to use a Revolution Rope?
    No, although it will take a little work on the dummy and few practice runs to get comfortable with the additional feel and control of the tip.  Revolution Ropes are designed to take advantage of the natural action of the weighted tip, which means you can concentrate less on creating the necessary action to keep your loop on, and more on the location of your delivery.  Give yourself some time to get used to your new rope. Like anything revolutionary, it may take a little getting used to. For information on using a Revolution Rope for the first time, click here.

    7.  How do I know what size loop to order?
    We have accumulated enough data to know that the majority of headers deliver a  #4 or #5 Loop, and the majority of heelers throw a # 7 Loop.  Calf ropers and breakaway roperes throw a #2, 3, or 4 Loop. If you know that you swing a particularly large or small loop, you may order accordingly. If you are uncertain and want to make sure you are ordering the rope that is right for you, we need a couple of simple measurements to calculate your tip location.  Please click
    here for instructions on how to take these measurements and determine your Revolution Loop Size. 

    8.  What if my loop size is larger or smaller than the standard loop sizes, or what if I want more or less weight in the tip?
    You can custom order your rope to any desired specifications:  specific loop size, more/less weight, shorter/longer weight length.  Just
    tell us and we'll give you a quote to make it.

    9.  How did you come up with the idea to put weight in the tip of the rope? 
    The concept of weighting the tip of a rope has been around for at least 20 years. In fact, there were weighted tip heeling ropes made in the 80's. And today, many rope makers claim that their rope has more weight in the tip.  What they actually mean is that the combined different fibers to make the entire rope and loop heavier, or more dense. Revolution Ropes analyzed this concept to the extreme and engineered the precise amount of weight, in the exact location that would optimize the control and action of the loop without weighting the entire rope.

    10.  What is a Revolution Tab Band?
    We use reusable Revolution Tab Bands instead of cheap twist ties to package all of our ropes.  Tab bands keep your rope coiled up tight, are easy to get on and off, and can be used over and over to keep your ropes properly coiled.  These are provided at no additional charge. 

    Still have questions?  Check out our videos on




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