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Roping Xcelerated Since 2005 ControlActionConfidence Catches Wins

Did you know, on average:


  Less than 30% of teams catch their steers clean.


  Less than 5% of teams actually win...anything.


  Less than 3% of teams actually come out ahead.


The main reasons for so many misses:




  • Miss the right horn
  • Poor tip control/delivery
  • Split the horns         
  • No tip follow through
  • Wave it off
  • Loop collapses

    Calf Ropers: 

  • Don't get your tip down
  • Delivery not strong enough
  • Poor tip control/bad delivery

    The Tip Xclerator and our patented technology was developed to help you decrease your misses, and more importantly, increase your winning percentage.

    Here's how:

  • Better control of your swing
  • Increased tip follow through 
  • Fewer wave-offs
  • More clean (2 feet) catches
  • More accurate delivery
  • Fewer slipped legs
  • Faster loop feed
  • More distance
  • More curl
  • Less bounce
  • Longer lasting rope
  • Better tip visibilty

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